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Radiology Incorporated is a group of over 50 board certified radiologists serving central Ohio and surrounding communities. It is central Ohio's oldest privately held radiology group, organized and run by the physicians rather than a hospital or non-physician group. The interventional radiologists of Radiology Incorporated work side by side with their diagnostic radiology colleagues in order to care for their patients. Radiology Incorporated works with a variety of central Ohio healthcare providers, from large hospitals medical groups to small clinics and doctor's offices. 

What is Interventional Radiology?

Interventional radiology is a medical speciality in which imaging is used to guide procedures. Various types of medical imaging are used, including fluoroscopy (x-rays), ultrasound, CT and MRI and vary based on the procedure. The goal of interventional radiology is to treat medical conditions safely and effectively while avoiding large incisions, shortening recovery times and minimizing or avoiding hospital stays. The interventional radiologist is trained to care for a variety of medical conditions. As technology advances, the treatment options afforded by interventional radiology continue to grow.

Who are Interventional Radiologists?

Interventional radiologists (IRs) are medical doctors. They are trained in the use of medical imaging to diagnose, treat and manage a variety of medical conditions. While fully capable of interpreting diagnostic images, they receive additional specialized training in performing minimally invasive procedures using various types of medical imaging. After four years of medical school, the interventional radiologist undergoes 6 or more years of dedicated residency and fellowship training. During this time they are trained in patient care, diagnostic imaging, medical physics and image guided procedures. 

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