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The interventional radiologists of Radiology, Inc offer procedures treating a wide-range of medical conditions. Examples are included below, although this listing is not exhaustive. If you have questions about a procedure, or are considering if interventional radiology could help you, please let us know.

Biopsy & Drainage

Diagnostic biopsies, placement and management of drains.


Obstruction and other conditions of the kidney and urinary system.

Liver & Portal Veins

Conditions related to the liver, bile ducts and portal veins.

Men & Women's Health

Conditions unique to the male and female anatomy.


Stroke, carotid artery stenosis, aneurysm and other neurologic conditions.


Treatment of cancer and related processes.

Pain Management

Procedures to reduce chronic and acute pain.

Vascular Access

Long and short term vascular access and management.

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Venous Disease

Varicose veins, blood clots and other conditions of the venous system.

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